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Vincent Avanzi is a Chief Poetic Officer, TEDx Inspirational Speaker, globe Trotter and founder of A Human Odyssey - The Ink Of The Future. Former ESCP graduate, Microsoft manager and author of 7 books including "Harmony and The Genius Spot of Mankind" and "Trouver son Point Génial" (Hachette), he is a also a journalist for the newspaper Les Echos, a co-founder of the University of Happiness at Work and a Residential Artist at the Institute for Desirable Future.


He developed the concepts of "Corporate Poetry", "Prospective Thinking" and "G-enius Spot". He is delivering international key notes, inspirational poetic speeches and interactive conferences to develop the human potential (creativity/leadership/team building) and design new visions for the future. He did over 300 poetic talks accross the world. Unique way to inspire teams and enlighten events!



He traveled in over 70 countries (A Human Odyssey : change yourself to change the world) is attached to re-poetizing our modern societies. "Unleash human potential, spark creativity, unlimit the future and release collective intelligence". By inviting managers into poetic journeys into the future, he inspires, touches their human side, makes them enter their singular “talent zone” and design new horizons of innovation, from imagination to inspiration, dreams to action.



-THE Corporate Poets society-


The 10H LEADERSHIP ConferencE

The Enlightened Leaders of the Future

"We are not born leaders, we become one... team"

A conference for inspirational leaders of tomorrow bridging the gap between business and wisdom, happiness and revenue, poetry and strategy, creativity and optimism, leadership and team-building, using the letter H as the backbone for the future of corporations on the 21st century capitalism. Change your self before changing the world, learn how to build inspiring speeches and set an engaging vision in the horizon for teams to follow your lead towards a common future. Discover the first 4 pillars (Humanity, Horizon, Harmony, Heart as your "G-enius Spot" also known as"Ikigai") in this article.


This conference is a unique chance to live and experiment a initiatory journey to become a true aligned empowered and engaged leader. Both deep and entertaining, interactive and inspiring, this is a moment to return on the essentials and focus on the future. Other H include Hero, Hope, Happiness, Humility, Honesty, Home and Hacking on Hot topics.  The conference will begin on an inspiring poetic speech on human capital and leadership and will end by a poetic manifesto "Queen/King's Speech" by the audience. Embark in a journey of Alignment and Elevation.

Conference on THE power of words and dreams

to imagine and cowrite the future

Poetry in ancient Greek means “to create or make” so the poet is both a dreamer and a doer, a created of new worlds with the use of the subtle magic of words. Poetry is an expression of dreams and ideals, a journey into the future and the unexplored. It is a burst of optimism and is the linguistic path allowing us to touch the array of infinite possibilities
The purpose of “Corporate Poetry” is to inspire the audience, reveal hidden talents, connect to others and touch people’s hearts with the “love quotient” of brands. As Charli Chaplin once said “Poetry is a love letter addressed to the world”. So let’s write a better sustainable future together!


Poetry and Prospective Workshops : Design possible and desirable futures, help the audience connect to your vision and make them part of your brand, connect them to their artistic talents and empower them, project each participant into the future to write the future together in a common horizon, get new ideas and slogans for your brand, animate your community in an original and unique way, use the art of poetry to convey your ideals.

PERSONAL leadership & storytelling coaching

 FIND YOUR GENIUS SPOT & write your Next best SPEECh

align - elevatE - INSPIRE - ENGAGE

Les Echos : 4 Pillar method

Words are a world of wonders filled with magic and wisdom. How can you reenchant your company, move your teams, build an audience and touch their hearts in the art of speech writing and stage delivery? Learn how to become an enlightened and enlightening leader to address the challenges of the 21st century and embody the role of a pathfinder, innovator and dream team talent developer.  


With the methodology of the 10H of Leadership (Humanity, Horizon, Harmony, etc), you will discover your personal essence, align your values with your mission and find your singular talent zone. Today, storytelling and authenticity is a must to write personal speeches with a universal language.  Become a leader of the future and engage your teams to cowrite the future together. From the I to We, we are not born a leader, we become One. You will never address a stage the same as before after this workshop. Welcome aboard the Enlightened Leader Ship.

LET's cowrite THE future together
NEW narrative - poetic storytelling - brands/leaders



Over 1 000 Poetic STAGE

Sustainable Brands, Procter&Gamble, VISA, Air France, Orange, Christian Dior Couture, Chanel, Cap Gemini, Sanofi Aventis, Thalès, Open Government Partnership, Rolex Awards, OuiShare Festival, TEDxASFI, MBA HEC, European Patent Organization, France Télévisions, Société Générale, Total, Microsoft,  French Senate, UCLA, Stand Up For Passion, COP21, ESCP, Women in Business, Printemps de l'Optimisme, Schumacher College, Nestlé, IFS, Salon des Entrepreneurs, UNESCO, Microsoft, Eklore, Accenture, Plant-For-The-Planet, Riyeda, Modanisa, UBAT, International au Féminin, Champions for Change, Huff Post, CCI, SNCF, Switch...

Vincent is an enlightened leader who knows the impact of words that are well chosen and well delivered because they come from your authentic self. He helped me articulate my deep truth and challenged me to step out of my comfort zone to share it with theworld for impact. A delightful collaboration!

Virginie Helias

Chief Sustainability Officer at Procter & Gamble

Thank you Vincent for inviting our Game Changers to embrace their uniqueness as persons and leaders through poetry, and to dare tap into their head heart and gut to become change makers that can embrace change for themselves to inspire others! I can already feel the fruits are long-lasting ones.

Camille Riom

Talent Acceleration Program Manager Cap Gemini

Vincent was our leadership professor at the HEC Executive MBA. His courtyard on creativity is simply unique and unreal ... .how to surpass oneself and have self-confidence ... .how to draw the energy that is buried in us? ... ..Vincent has helped us to do all this. He taught us to be revealing stars dust, "decide is to be free". "It is in our imaginary side that one becomes visionary"

Lionel Del Aguila

SNCF Director

Vincent Avanzi took part in the health and quality of life work day. He knew how to understand the stakes, identify the sensitivities of the speakers and to restore the spirit of the debates through a poetic conclusion of high level. A beautiful shared moment that was appreciated by all. Listening, emotional and collective intelligence are the qualities of this poet 2.0 !

Xavier Froissart

France Télévisions HR Director

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"Our dream is to see in this lifetime the Universe in a single unique verse"
One life, one world, one team, One light, one love, one dream
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La Plume Du Futur - The Ink Of The Future

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