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5 ways to find your G(enius) Spot and be Happy in your life !

How can we become the best version of ourselves to find our place,

be happy and succeed in realizing the life of our dreams?

We are never as efficient and happy, committed and excellent as when we are fully in our element and in our talent zone, at the right place at the right time. Before embarking on a project or an activity, how do we know if they really correspond to us? To try is to discover oneself; To lose oneself is to find oneself; To fail is to learn; To know oneself is to prepare oneself; To be oneself, is to open the royal path to find our place.

We all ask ourselves this question often left unanswered: "Me + The World = What is my real function? How can one give meaning to our life? How to do one's part, both in realizing oneself and contributing to one's environment? How can we find our path and be happy? What if we all found our "G Spot", G standing for "Genius"?

The "Genius Spot" theory is the theory that one truly becomes his or her self and happy when he or she is aligned and connected, having synthesized all the "gifts" of his or her profile. One feels infinitely good and unlimited because he or she is in his or her own way of life and human singularity. We all have many talents to propose to the world, yet we must discover them and give them meaning, like a “hummingbird share” in the service of our collective adventure. It is our vocation, our “raison d'être”, our "zone of talents".

Steve Jobs had this beautiful phrase: "Connect the dots." Connect the points of your profile, your know-how, your skills and your desires, your strengths, qualities, virtues. For him, this point of connection was the merger of his computer skills and his passion for design, and the result was: the Macbook, a work of art in the world of computers. For me, as a "corporate poet", this was the convergence between an eternal passion for poetry, business skills, and a long work in self development during my two world tours (one to 24 years old entitled Harmony and the other to 32 years old entitled "A Human Odyssey: The 12 Human Steps in the Art of Living Together). The result is: corporate poetic conferences . It is my "Genius Spot", today in any case, my way in which all my "I" are gathered in the service of "We".

In Japan, it is called "IKIGAI", it can be translated as "raison d'être", it is the union of one’s passion, mission, profession and vocation, both what we love, what we are good at, what we can be paid for and what the world needs. It is sometimes difficult to get everything together in one activity, but if the path is long, happiness is not necessarily in the destination. Personally, it took me ten years to find or rather "create" my path, and as Picasso said: "The meaning of life is to find ones gifts. The purpose of life is to give it to others. So it is not only Socrates' "know yourself" but "connect yourself and others." To find ones singularity and put it at the service of the common good, in order to see and spread the human genius in the service of tomorrow.

So what would be your G Spot, your "Genius Spot"? In the end, our happiness lies perhaps just in being in our place, to find our “blue note” and to live in the present. The same goes for creativity: to have a flash of genius and to be crossed by an innovative idea, it is sometimes desirable to wait to synthesize at the same time all your life experience and all the knowledge acquired on a subject, in order to then be able to synthesize everything. And this synthesis will by nature be unique and singular, for no one has at the same time the same life experience and the same knowledge acquired on a subject. This is the reason why we can each take a single path, complementary and not competitive. Better sometimes be the only one than the best. And if it takes a bit of all of us to make the world of tomorrow, we can all create a unique masterpiece as magic star dust. Behind every economic asset lies always a fantastic human being. Let us awaken it so that it can glitter and radiate in us and around us. Society and the business world will be much more peaceful and wealthy.

So will you dare to try your luck, get out of your comfort zone, so that the magic operates and let your into your "talent zone"? Who are you, what do you know to do, what do you want to achieve? This "self-assessment" will allow you to refine the knowledge of yourself to find your way and your true added value and thus launch a viable, sustainable and useful activity.

Here is a short guide to finding your "Genius Spot":

1) What interests me and what do I love (being, doing and living)?

2) What am I good at (virtue skills, strength qualities)?

3) What does the world need and what problems do my talents meet?

4) How can I be paid for it to be viable?

5) What activity can I initiate by synthesizing all this?

You will then be in your vocation and within your passion to realize your mission and make it a real profession. And if you are already on your way or in a business, the question can also be: How can I incorporate my hidden talents into my mission to make it a unique, unique and high value-added function and thus fulfill myself while contributing Even more brilliantly to my company or my company?

Finally, know that some of us are "multipotentialite" with several potentials and passions distinct or successive so it is quite possible to have several "Genius Spots" in time or at the same time (this is also called "slashers" "). As life is a river, the "Genius Spot" is fluid, it evolves, so do not put pressure on yourself to find it right away, better to go in search of this point rather than time wasted. The goal is rather to try to get closer to it and to you, no matter if it is reached in the end. In search of one Genius Spot or how to find ones place to be happy and succeed in the enterprise of your life.


Author : Vincent Avanzi

Chief Poetic Officer, Human Odyssey - The Ink of the Future

Vincent Avanzi is a Chief Poetic Officer, International TEDx Speaker and founder of The Ink of the Future (La Plume Du Futur). Former Microsoft employee, globe-trotter and a life passion for poetry, he now gives conferences and inspirational key notes to companies on Corporate Poetry, Finding your Genius Spot and Happiness Revenue. He also helps organizations on their brand poetic identity and marketing communication, and performs poetic inspiring speeches in business and public events around the world.

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